Frequently Asked Questions

Does OpinionPLUS charge members to join?
Members will never be charged for any aspect of their membership or participation in activities at OpinionPLUS.

What types of security measures does OpinionPLUS have in place?
A fundamental and core requirement of OpinionPLUS is to provide data protection and website security.  Your contact information and personal profile are stored in separate, highly-secure environments and can only be accessed by staff under very specific security protocols and are solely used for the purpose of matching you to appropriate surveys.  We respect our members and provide a highly detailed Privacy Policy on the website.   In addition, your password is immediately encrypted when registering, and not accessible or visible to our support staff.  It must be reset via your private email.    

How do I become a member of OpinionPLUS?
Simply fill out our front page form to opt in.   We'll then send you a link to confirm your membership and you'll be administered your first project - a profile survey designed specifically to help us find compatible surveys that match your interests and lifestyle.   You also immediately earn 200 points  ($2) to get your account started.   

How often will I be asked to take surveys?
We send out several opportunities daily, and your selection will always be based on how you answered your profile survey when you joined us.  Even then, in many cases the survey can quickly close or 'screen' you if you are not a good match for the subject matter.  For members who want limited correspondence, we also provide you with several options so you can decide exactly how often you'd like to hear from us.   

How long does it take to complete surveys?
This will vary based upon each individual survey.  In most cases, surveys will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

How much can I earn?
We do not place a limit on the amount you can earn.  Your membership does not expire and there is no limit on surveys or points accrued.  However, you may unsubscribe at any time, and every member must follow our Terms and Conditions to retain membership and receive compensation for your earned points. Review the rules, as they are stictly enforced.  We must maintain the trust of our research partners to provide surveys to our membership.

When will I see credits applied for completed surveys?

Most surveys will credit your account immediately upon completion.  However, there are unique and high-paying surveys that require a very specific profession, age, or location to qualify. These surveys are hosted on our research partners' platforms, and are subject to advanced quality control checks to insure the data integrity is high quality.  In these If the data is unusable or proven fraudulent, the points are only provided once your data has been verified and accepted by our research team.  Obviously false and nonsensical data in ANY survey can result in your point reward being revoked or withheld, and in rare incidents, repeated issues can result in loss of membership and forfeiture of points.        

When and how does OpinionPLUS send payments?
We require all members to link their OpinionPlus email address to a valid PayPal account, and each month where you are eligible for payment, we send a microtransaction to verify the account is active and your contact information abides by the Terms and Conditions.   Among the terms, we absolutely require that each member of OpinionPlus abe linked to a unique PayPal account.  Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited and result in a loss of membership.     l at the end of each month to any member who reaches or exceeds 1000 points ($10).  However, these payments are sent one month after you've accrued that amount, and any new survey taken after that month restarts your counter, e.g. if you earned 1500 points ($15.00) in June, you will receive that $15.00 on the last day of July.  If you then earn 2500 points in July, you'll receive $25 at the end of August.   The month delay allows us time to verify your survey history, insure accuracy, and remove fraudulent members so they aren't taking up valuable space in your surveys.  

Where do I sign up for a PayPal account?

Click here to visit the Paypal Website and you will be walked through the process of creating your account and provided information on how to verify your account and use or transfer the funds. Note that PayPal also has very strict rules relating to unique and truthful accounts, and OpinionPlus cannot assist or re-compensate members who receive a payment they cannot access due to security precautions by PayPal.  We also strongly recommend that all OPlus members verify their PayPal email and phone number at the least to avoid having your account removed or limited.

Finally, be certain your account is verified in a country where OpinionPlus currently operates, as our partners limit their survey research to individuals in <strong>The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy</b> as of this time. 

Contact us immediately if your PayPal account is not native to your current residence, as any discrepancy can lead to a hold or removal of your account.